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Tue. Mar. 17. 2020Field trip to Tenryu-ji Temple

February 27, 2020 : Field trip to Tenryu-ji Temple

Below is a report by Brian Conwell (Harvard University).

I recently went with the religion class on a field trip to Tenryu-ji in Arashiyama. I was particularly fascinated by this temple, as it is one of the most historically significant and important temples within the Zen-sect, which I have a personal connection to. Part of my mother’s side of my family follow the Zen sect of Buddhism, which is something that I actually learned when I started reading about the different sects through this class and asked my mom about it. Part of the reason I decided to study Japanese in the first place was because I wanted to be able to speak to my mom and her family, so being able to dive deeper into my family history through this class is amazing. It definitely adds a whole new layer to the history you are learning when you consider the impact of that history on your own family! Overall, it was a great trip and I want to say thank you to Professor Lyons for organizing it and teaching us all about the temple!

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