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Wed. Feb. 22. 2023Visiting Hiroshima and ANT-Hiroshima (NGO)

On February 11th, the KCJS34 Spring visited Hiroshima for the Spring group trip.

The ANT-Hiroshima, which is an NGO based in Hiroshima, Japan, that pursues projects in international cooperation, international peace-building, and peace education.

The Executive Director Tomoko Watanabe kindly invited us to visit the office to interact with their staff and interns.

Below is a report by David Sternlieb (KCJS34 Spring, Washington University in St. Louis):

“Visiting Hiroshima and the ANT office in early February was a powerfully moving experience. Through listening to a hibakusha explain the emotional and physical aftermath the nuclear bomb had on her and her loved ones, I gained a newfound understanding of the danger of nuclear weapons and how it displaces communities. My feelings of unrest and distress were further reinforced through exploring the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, where I learned about more stories of hardship and misfortune. The following day, I was able to have conversations with ANT employees about the importance of preserving peace, and the necessity to continue educating people about the atrocities of nuclear weapons. Overall, I had an illuminating experience, and I hope the history and stories surrounding Hiroshima continue to be passed down to promote a peaceful future.”

ANT-Hiroshima 渡部様、インターンの方々、改めてありがとうございました!

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