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Japanese Language Courses

The KCJS Japanese Language Program



Mission Statement

When you study at KCJS you gain more than academic learning, you join the KCJS Experience! Our mission is to educate and empower students and help them engage and explore all facets of Japan. We do this by offering three integrated components: academic rigor, community engagement, and understanding your experience with a global lens.

Our Mission: Educate. Empower. Engage. Explore.
Educate – challenge students with academic rigor
Empower – empower students to pursue their own interests
Engage – provide students opportunity to engage with the local community
Explore – encourage students to explore their academic and personal interests

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Features of KCJS Japanese language program

1) Academic Rigor: Japanese class meets two hours a day, five days a week for 13 weeks in one semester where you will engage in activities utilizing four language skills (speaking, listening, writing, reading).


2) Learning by doing: You will enjoy learning Japanese by using it to communicate with your classmates, Japanese university students and people with whom you associate in your Community Involvement Project (CIP).


3) A variety of levels: KCJS offers courses from 2nd-year to 4th-year and Above. KCJS takes a flexible approach in adjusting course objectives based on the proficiency level of students each semester.


4) Experienced and dedicated teachers: All KCJS Japanese language instructors teach full-time and they give each student individual attention. They have each earned a master’s or Ph.D. degree in a related field and have taught at institutions of Japanese and/or American higher education.

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Outline of Language Program


    • 2nd Year (JPNS4201OC or JPNS4202OC), 3rd Year (JPNS4205OC or JPNS4206OC), 4th Year (JPNS4217OC or JPNS4218OC), and 5th Year (JPNS4221OC or JPNS4222OC)
    • Please note that depending on the results of the placement test, the students may be placed in a different level than they apply for.

Class hours:

    • 130 hours per semester / 10 hours per week / 2 hours per day


    • 8 points per semester

Class content:

    • speaking, listening, writing, reading, projects, presentation, etc.

Language of instruction:

  • Japanese, except some English for instructional purposes


Fall 2022

2nd Year Japanese (JPNS O4201): syllabus & schedule

3rd Year Japanese (JPNS OC4205): syllabus & schedule

3rd Year Japanese (JPNS OC4205): syllabus & schedule

4th Year Japanese (JPNS OC4217): syllabus & schedule


Spring 2023

2nd Year Japanese (JPNS O4202): syllabus 3rd Year Japanese (JPNS OC4206): syllabus

3rd Year Japanese (JPNS OC4206): syllabus

3rd Year Japanese (JPNS OC4206): syllabus

4th Year Japanese (JPNS OC4218): syllabus

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Fall 2023 students will be required to take the online placement test between Monday, July 31 and Friday, August 18 (Japan Standard Time).

Tentative schedule (All dates are in JST; Subject to change)

Monday, July 17: The information about the online placement test will be sent to the primary email address provided in the application. The students can verify or change their email address to receive the placement test information at this point.

Monday, July 24: The test message from the automated email system will be sent to the email address verified by the students.

Monday, July 31: At 12AM, the login ID and password will be sent to the email address verified by the students. The online placement test will open.

Friday, August 18: At 12:59PM, the online placement test will be closed.

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