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Housing Options

A limited number of homestays are available for Fall 2023.

Living in a Japanese household (Homestay)

Homestay is the best way to learn about Japanese culture through daily interaction with a Japanese family, and to improve your Japanese language skills. Homestays include a private room for the KCJS student, who is provided with both breakfast and dinner. KCJS will provide a daily lunch subsidy to the academic-year and semester-program students. (NOTE: Lunch subsidy is not applicable to KCJS Summer Programs students.)
KCJS homestay families vary widely in location, family composition, and their experience with foreign students, so you should be prepared to accept the particular situation of the family to whom you are assigned.

Every homestay student in the academic year and semester programs is responsible for paying a maximum of ¥3,920 per month for their own transportation expenses. If the cost exceeds ¥4,000, KCJS will cover the remainder. (NOTE: KCJS Summer Programs students are responsible for all transportation expenses.)

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Living in an apartment

KCJS leases a few small furnished apartments. The apartments are equipped with essential furnishings, household and kitchen appliances (microwave, stove, refrigerator, TV, washing machine, bed linens, pillows, dishes, silverware, cookware etc.).

These apartments are generally located within a 20‐30 minute bus or train to KCJS, so will involve some commuting costs which students must pay. Students choosing apartments must make a special effort to get involved in Japanese society and student life, since they will not have the everyday interaction with a host family.

Apartment students in the academic year and semester programs will receive a daily lunch subsidy from KCJS, but must prepare their own breakfast and dinner or eat out, so the cost is usually higher than living in a homestay. (NOTE: Lunch subsidy is not applicable to KCJS Summer Programs students.)

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Living in a student dormitory

KCJS is excited to offer a student dormitory option starting in Fall 2022.

The dormitories are located throughout Kyoto, provide easy access to public transportation and are approximately a 30-40 minute commute to KCJS.


Students will be placed in single rooms with a bathroom/shower and basic furnishings including a desk/chair, refrigerator, microwave, WiFi, etc. Washing machines may be located in the student’s room or in the building. Each building has dorm keepers (a Japanese couple) who live in the dorm and provide support to students.


Japanese students also live in the dorm, providing an opportunity to interact with locals attending nearby universities. There are male, female and co-ed dorm options.

Breakfast and dinner are provided Monday-Saturday, and students are responsible for lunch daily. The dorm menus may have limited vegetarian options. Students must provide advance notice if they choose to not eat meals in the dorm on certain days.


Photos by courtesy of Dormy

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