Andres Oliver: Calligraphy Circle

My time in the shodou club has allowed me to truly appreciate the personal nature of a traditional Japanese art. Though technically a club, the shodou group acts more as a venue for anyone interested in practicing or learning about calligraphy to come and spend however much time he or she wants doing so. Thus, I have found my weekly visits to the shodou room to be moments of calm reflection. Because everyone is focused on their own calligraphy, the shodou room is usually fairly quiet. Practicing my calligraphy in such a setting allows me to forget about everything else and focus on the beauty of the characters themselves. Two things I have come to appreciate from this experience are both the beauty and the difficulty of writing kanji. I believe you cannot truly recognize Japanese writing as an art form until you see it through the lens of shodou, rather than as a mere tool for communication.

One thought on “Andres Oliver: Calligraphy Circle

  1. オリバーさんにとって書道は禅のようですね。いい字を書くためには本当に集中しなければならなくて、無心になれるのでしょうか。書道をしている時は一人で書くんですよね?二人で書く作品とかあったら面白そうです。書道クラブのメンバーとはどんな交流がありましたか。