Hoku Kaahaaina: Assistant English Teacher

I was never very fond of children, unless they reminded me of myself.  I don’t know if anything really changed my opinion, but nevertheless, I’ve enjoyed my time at Kyoto Bunkyo.  I would have liked to have a role more like what a language assistant would actually do, but my schedule and the school schedules don’t really match up well enough for me to have that experience.  Anyhow, I usually just float around and do whatever people tell me to do.  Which basically turns out to be speaking to their students in English, which is completely within the bounds of my capabilities, no problem.  The first or second time I showed up was a bit uncomfortable because I didn’t know what to expect or the situation wasn’t really optimal, but by the third and fourth time, I was thoroughly entertained.  As for the secret of being entertained, I simply grew to not take anything personally and just bask in the adorability of bad English.  As contrary as it could be to my personality at school, I would have to say that I can be quite the charmer.  I pretty much say whatever I want within the realm of acceptability and treat the students more like friends and acquaintances than friends.  Also, perhaps because I am usually a quiet person, I find it really easy to sit down patiently to deal with other quiet people and coaxing an actual conversation out of the ones who were actually capable of holding one.  Anyhow, although I don’t feel particularly integrated in the school, I got the general idea that I wouldn’t hate myself completely if I decided to come back to teach in the JET Program.

2 thoughts on “Hoku Kaahaaina: Assistant English Teacher

  1. I personally find you to be quite charming at school. Isn’t it fun to listen to their English? Did you have a hard time getting them to speak to you? I find most of my students to be embarrassed a lot. Did you have an class clowns or as they call them ムードメイカー? I had two last semester and they were really amusing. I’m still not sure if I’m going to do the JET Program or not, but we should meet up a lot if we both do it!

    • Why thank you! I am sincerely flattered, as long as you weren’t using a British-teki “quite.” I love their English! It makes me happy to see them trying. Uh, the classes are usually set up so they have to talk to me; the teachers make them come up with questions beforehand or I just come up with more material to spew out. Also, it depends on which students I’m working with, since the high schoolers who studied abroad were much more accomplished than the middle schoolers. I suppose some of the middle schoolers are embarassed, but it’s not debilitating or anything. I also have never visited the same class twice so i can’t really judge who are the class clowns. Also, the phrase “mood maker” just sounds…wrong in this context. If we both do JET, I hope we get shipped off to the same plot of Japanese boonies.