Jordan LaPointe: Assistant Language Teacher at Ohara Gakuin/Yoga at Tamisa Yoga Studio

For the Spring semester, I split my time between teaching English as an ALT at Ohara Gakuin (which I go into detail about in my Fall semester post) and doing yoga at the Tamisa Yoga Studio on Teramachi. Ohara was very engaging and it was nice to see the students mature a little over the past 6 months as well as become more comfortable with my presence. Because of this experience, I now have some insight into teaching English to a variety of grades, which may come in handy if I decide to pursue an ALT position with JET.

In respect to yoga, I am learning A LOT, mostly that I am as flexible as a tree trunk. Fortunately, the studio has bilingual instructors so the transition into yoga with virtually no experience hasn’t been to bad. It is also a nice change of pace, to go from being a teacher to being a regular student. Also, I’ve gotten more opportunities to practice my listening skills and silent observation as I have attempted to discreetly check the actions of my fellow yoga practitioners to ensure that I’m doing things correctly…Overall, yoga has been a great experience and I recommend it to anyone interested, regardless of prior experience.

2 thoughts on “Jordan LaPointe: Assistant Language Teacher at Ohara Gakuin/Yoga at Tamisa Yoga Studio

  1. Jordan, it’s great that you got to spend more time with the students from your Fall semester CIP–I wish I could have spent more time with the students I helped teach. I only had the chance to see small improvements and did not get to see them mature over a longer span of time. I also think that more time would have allowed them to become more comfortable with me; I am glad to hear that, to my expectations, you found that more time with the students increased their comfort level.

    • Dear Sabrina,

      Thanks! I would encourage you to try out for an ALT position with JET if you’re interested in teaching for a longer period of time. Although I’ve heard experiences vary, in general the positions seem to offer a lot of exposure to students and opportunities for personal growth.