Katie May: Flute Lessons

For my CIP, I took flute lessons twice a month from the same teacher that I had my Junior year abroad in Osaka. It was nice to see how much I had improved in four years not just in my flute playing but also in my Japanese. I remember four years ago we spent a good bit of time with the Japanese- English dictionary during lessons trying to get our point across to each other. This semester I only had to use the dictionary a few times for more technical musical terms. It was a nice confidence boost to be able to have a conversation in Japanese  with someone who isn’t a Doshisha teacher or a host-parent. Overall I think it was a good experience that helped my Japanese and my flute playing.

One thought on “Katie May: Flute Lessons

  1. It’s nice to hear that your Japanese and flute skills improved over years and can convey your ideas more easily to your teacher now, and flute sounds really fun! Are you practicing western concert flute or traditional Japanese flute? Do you find any difference between the flute class back in the State and the class you had at Osaka?