Emile Carlo Convocar: Kendo

For my CIP activity this semester, I attended weekly practices at 京都妙覚寺道場 to continue kendo while in Japan. I got to hone in on my basics by continuously sparring against very strong senpais and senseis, who were all eager to help me become a stronger kendoka. Through this experience, I’ve come to learn the importance of basics in kendo and in routinely refining and perfecting one’s form and techniques, no matter how far along they are into their kendo journey. My advice to incoming KCJS students, especially if you decide to do a martial art for your CIP, is to be willing to fail and be okay with not “getting it” immediately. Take it one step at a time and in every practice, focus on one aspect of your martial art that you want to improve upon. If you do that, I believe you will have a fulfilling CIP experience by the end of the semester.