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What is KCJS?

Overview: The KCJS Experience

The Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies (KCJS) draws on its 30+ year history and reputation providing undergraduate students with a semester or academic year-long offering.

When you study at KCJS you gain more than academic learning, you join the KCJS Experience! Our mission is to educate and empower students and help them engage and explore all facets of Japan. We do this by offering three integrated components: academic rigor, community engagement, and understanding your experience with a global lens.

Our Mission: Educate. Empower. Engage. Explore.

Educate – challenge students with academic rigor

Empower – empower students to pursue their own interests

Engage – provide students opportunity to engage with the local community

Explore – encourage students to explore their academic and personal interests

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KCJS at a Glance

As a “home” of 30 students on average each semester, KCJS takes pride in providing our students with an optimal and culturally rich learning environment in which they can take advantage of the program’s deep, meaningful ties with various networks in Kyoto. Studying with Japanese students in disciplinary courses in the afternoon is one of such opportunities. During the academic year, qualified Doshisha and Kyoto University students may enroll for credit in the afternoon disciplinary courses taught by KCJS instructors.


In a small program, KCJS students can form bonds with each other and staff/faculty. Moreover, they can become part of KCJS alumni network with over 1,500 people after completing the program. KCJS alumni have entered a multitude of fields and many have ventured across the globe after completing their undergraduate and, in many cases, graduate or professional studies. The students can make connections with them through the alumni panel discussions or through KCJS staff.


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To learn more about KCJS, please visit other sections of “About Us”!

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Since fees for the program vary by institution, please consult the “Financial Considerations” section of the KCJS website hosted by the Center for Undergraduate Global Engagement for the most recent figures and information.

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Information on access to Kyoto, Doshisha University, and KCJS is available HERE in PDF in format.

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KCJS Summer Programs

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Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies 京都アメリカ大学コンソーシアム

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