KCJS :Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies

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Japanese classes meet two hours a day, five days a week for 14 weeks (including break) in one semester (130 hours with 8 credits per semester).

The distinguishing feature of the KCJS Japanese Language Program is the opportunity to learn within the community of Japanese universities and the local area. Experienced instructors enhance students’ communication skills through classroom instruction. Using this skill, students engage with Japanese students and local residents, broadening their perspectives and ways of thinking. Through sharing their individual learning experiences in class, they further develop flexible thinking as well as language skills. In so doing, the KCJS Japanese Language Program promotes a cycle of learning, which incorporates the Three Rings of the KCJS Experience: Academic Rigor, Community Engagement, and a Global Lens. Through the experience of living and learning Japanese in Kyoto students will test their cultural assumptions and learn how to be global citizens.

Syllabi and Schedules

Fall 2023

Spring 2024


Fall 2024 students will be required to take the online placement test between Wednesday, July 17 and Sunday, August 11 (Japan Standard Time).

Tentative schedule of online placement test (All dates are in JST; Subject to change)

Wednesday, July 17: The information about the online placement test will be sent to the primary email address provided in the application. The students can verify or change their email address to receive the placement test information at this point.

Wednesday, July 24: At 12AM, the login ID and password will be sent to the email address verified by the students. The online placement test will open.

Sunday, August 11: At 12:59PM, the online placement test will be closed.

In addition, the placement interview will be conducted during the on-site orientation in Kyoto.