AJ Gallagher: Kyudo

For my CIP activity this semester, I chose to do Kyudo, which is the traditional Japanese sport of archery. I call it a sport, which it is, but it’s more focused on the actions, form, and mindfulness than it is on actually hitting the target. Slowly feeling yourself improve and go from practicing with a rubber band, to a real bow, to a bow and arrow, to finally stepping out into the dojo and shooting at the target was an incredibly fun journey, Overall, I really enjoyed it, but it was pretty uncomfortable at first being the only foreigners in the dojo. It was also Tuesday from 6 to 7:30 or 8, which meant that for people who are living far away from the dojo you can be stuck on campus from noon until 6. Also, the sensei is INCREDIBLY kind and patient, but also talks quickly and in thick Kansai accent, so I’d steer clear of this as a CIP if you’re not confident in your listening ability.