Yutong Zhang: Nishijin Textile Industrial Association

Certainly, there are many benefits of volunteering at Nishijin Textile Industrial Association. However, for me, the opportunity of working with Japanese people closely is the most precious one. Japanese people are famous for their prudent and serious attitude at work, but I did not really understand what this attitude means until I started my CIP at Nishijin.

On my first day at Nishijin, I started to learn how to wrap merchandise for customers. At first, I was surprised because my senpai insisted on teaching me a really complicated method of wrapping. Later on I realized that this job is much more difficult than I thought. Wrapping is not merely an extra service, but a way to convey a message, a way to show all our respect and acknowledge to our customers.  From choosing the correct paper in accordance to the size of the box to finishing the whole process by pasting a Nishijin tape at the right place, it took me around 3 hours to remember all the steps and be able to somehow cover the box with wrapping paper. However, when the senpai finally told me that I am ok with wrapping, it was after 2 months of working there even though I used a lot of time to practice in my spare time.

After I know how hard it is to wrap a small box, I feel I owe a sincere “arigatougozaimasu” to all the salesclerk who wrapped their products for me. No matter it is wrapping a small gift or developing the washlet, I believe the reason why Japan is such an developed and convenient country is because of this attitude. Perhaps, the trivial and repetitious work like wrapping is also a way of cultivating one’s self.